In Pont-de-Lilac it is said that there is no riddle that Linnamèn couldn’t solve. The death of the royal family, however, his own family, is a different story than a pervert kidnapping young girls. Linnamèn has long been absent from the palace. Too long.

He talked to everybody about everything – he talked politics with servants, religion with the lords and palace cuisine with the priests. It seemed he could find common ground with anyone, from the youngest butler’s helper to the highest priest.


Norticles – a fictional universe, where the stories and novels about Linnamèn the detective are set. Linnamèn is the banished prince and then becomes the king of Nort.

The world is inhabited by people and Inhumen (vampires, werewolves, unearthlings, Erindian dwarves), with whom Nortans used to fight bloody wars that ended in the exodus of Inhumen to the neighbouring democratic states.

Regardless of where he is – from the settlements on the frontiers, metropolises familiar with steam and electricity, to the structures defying the laws of physics in the City of Tall Ruins – Linnamèn encounters crime and mysteries that only his probing mind is able to solve.

‘What is beyond the wasteland?’ I asked.
‘Nothing, my child,’ she replied. ‘This is where our world ends.’